Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sigh... Touche, facebook.

So, one thing that I've reluctantly missed about facebook these past few days is that it offers is a mite of advertising for my blog.  Without facebook to give it some visibility, I'd still be on that lonely island which is no fun at all.  The blogger stats tell me that almost every viewer navigates to my page from facebook.  Knowing that, this blog feels more like an extension of my facebook page than an extension of me.


Please, dear reader, don't see it like that.  The two exist independently of one another.  One just helps to advertise for the other! :)

Also, the bride of the wedding I'll be enjoying this coming weekend is probably going to kill my professor for suggesting the "no facebook for 5 days" thing, since she's apparently been trying to contact me on there for about 4 days.  Ooop!  Shoulda called!

If ya liked it then ya shoulda put a ring on it!

It felt applicable.

I stepped in cat [you don't want to know] this morning.  Fun fact, it's the exact same color as my light brown shag carpet.  Thanks for that, @war% Realtors (protecting their identity).

That whole ordeal set my day off on the wrong foot.

Which I then had to scrub in the bathtub.


  1. It's ok to advertise your blog through Facebook! In a more perfect world, those social media outlets act as a benevolent marketing extension of independent art, writing, photography and video-making on the web. But I subscribe in Google Reader :)

  2. Awesome! So by posting my blog on FB I'm really perpetuating a more perfect world??

    Sometimes I'm amazed at how ahead I am of the utopian times.