Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm alive!

I'm just consumed with things like problematic defiance, criminological verstehen, and Marxist principals of alienation.

It's paper and exam week.

Amazing how hard it is to be all into studying when a) the end is in sight and b) my classes are actually encouraging me to consider how pointless some of these assignments are. Cough cough my social theory class that teaches me things like labor for the sake of earning good grades does nothing to improve my quality life cough cough.

But being fully rested and spending QT with the bf makes me feel pretty good about life. So does playing with babies at church and riding my bike on days like today, only not up hills. So does the idea of pumpkin bread mix hanging out in my pantry, just waiting on me to join it with some water, oil, and eggs.

Oxford commas make me feel pretty good about life too.
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