Friday, September 3, 2010

People Read This Thing??

It kinda blows my mind that people actually read my blog.

It makes me feel like I need to think about why I blog.  And who I blog to.  And what I should be blogging about.  And what my purpose is in life. 

Yall are gonna send me into an existential crisis.

But seriously.  What IS the purpose of this blog?  Originally it was a mix of curiosity, narcissism, procrastination, and a need for one more writing outlet (as though journaling, paper writing for school, and texting well-punctuated messages wasn't enough).  But now it's kinda morphed into something that needs a kind of goal.

Goals are weird.  We're the only things on the planet that have real long-term goals.  Panthers, piranhas, and porpoises don't have long-term goals.  They have short-term ones.  Food, shelter, rest.  Survival in general.  But just for today.  Turtles don't have to worry about the middle one.

Lucky jerks.  NO MONTHLY RENT BILL FOR THEM!  Nooooo....  Evolution built that one right on in for em.

Imagine if someday humans evolve so much that they mighty-morph with camper vans.

But I digress (see?  This is why we need goals).

The goal of this blog....

*fanfare.  trumpets.  tambourines.   flame throwers!! EPIC ANTICIPATION!!!* not quite formed yet.  I know.  You just got real disappointed.  I bet you begrudgingly ripped off your party hat and threw it on the floor in a quiet rage.  No need to be so cruel to your party hat.  It never did anything to hurt you.  Unless the strap was too tight under your chin, which is always such a downer.

I'll keep you posted on the goal thing as it progresses.  Give me ideas!  Maybe I should have categories of posts!  I already have weird tags on my posts, like "classtime blogging" "post due to procrastination" and "poop".  Maybe those should be more coherent?  Maybe not.

Or maaaaaaaaybeee things are just fine the way they are and you're sitting there thinking, "Cole.  Mountain.  Molehill.  Fuhgedaboudit.  Go get fro-yo with your roommie."

And I'm just gonna take that advice and run with it.  Short-term goals like that are WHERE IT'S AT!

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