Thursday, September 2, 2010

Looky What I Can Do!

I just discovered that I can link Word to my blog! That's pretty cool. I get so excited when I discover technical things on my own.


Oop my glasses slipped down my nose a bit there. *pushes nerd glasses up nose*


So anywho! I think every single person on the face of the planet should take social psychology. But most people won't do it because they think it sounds hard. Um… HELLO! THIS IS HOW OUR BRAINS FUNCTION EVERY DAY! It's just a matter of putting terms in place for things we already know. And being tested on them. And writing papers on them… And reading complicated articles that… explain the… Nevermind.


Fun fact, I just linked a sociological concept to Neville in Harry Potter. Intermittent defiance is an act by one with a usual reputation of compliance and team playing. The act of defiance seems random because of the pattern of compliance. Remember when Neville stood up to Harry and told him and Ron not to sneak out and do something dangerous? I think everyone reading that book went, "Neville??" He'd always been such a pushover! What an unlikely choice!


Sociology is EVERYWHERE. No. Seriously. It is. I mean, unless people aren't there and have never been there.


I hope you're having a lovely day J Start a blog, tell me about it, and write entries during class in Word so you look like you're taking notes!

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  1. Please note that I will never write in that type and size font again, and also please note that I take notes AND blog in class. I'm a good girl, I am.