Monday, September 20, 2010

On my lunch break

Mumford and Sons is caressing my ears at the moment.  I could listen to them forever and ever.

I'm hoping to resolve my ipod issues this evening.  I've been doing some research on the technological process behind transferring music from ipod to computer.  I'll keep you posted...

3 exams and a paper coming up.

Oh and another wedding (but this one promises to be significantly more fun for me, which is totes what matters, right?).

After this coming weekend, I think I'll have had enough wedding hooplah to convince me to elope.  Nothing against joyful nuptials at all!  They're just a tad overwhelming.

Also, I think if everyone that I cared about had a blog, I'd never look at facebook ever again.  Unless I need to check up on a homeboy that one of my friends was considering dating.  That's when I'm glad I've got access to, oh, all their information and interests.  Might as well have submitted their resume with a formal request!

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