Monday, September 6, 2010

See? It helps!

After blogging only just yesterday about my incredibly daunting list of things to do, I started on several things and knocked one item out altogether.

This is my proof that venting and minor meltdowns actually DO serve functional purposes.

Also, please note that in the event of a raging headache, dull heartache, and utter exhaustion, texting one of your best friends and being encouraged by her to find comfort in Christ is the greatest gift EVER.  It gave me the hope and warmth that I needed to finally rest peacefully.

Oh, and I stinkin love this kitteh.

(sorry for the poor picture quality. Cole needs a new phone. I'm working with this dude:

I know.  It's sad.  No, it doesn't do internet connection.  No, pictures DO NOT look like the one displayed. It was tiny, functional, and free.  When I got it freshman year.  Yes.  I'm a senior.  IT'S STILL TINY, FUNCTIONAL, AND FREE!)

I prefer an oxford comma to no oxford comma.

My "to do" list calls.  As does the grocery store.  Want to grab dinner?  :)

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