Saturday, September 4, 2010

On a related note...

This is you, folks!  I imagine the 2 from South Korea took a wrong turn, but hey!  They hung out with us long enough to be considered a visitor.

Cuz we're Mississippian (or Texan. Or Canadian) and that means we believe in hospitality.  So welcome, random Spaniard and fellow Danes!  I hope you can read English, because that's the only language we know here in America (save a few awesome individuals, not including my mono-lingual self).

Also, please note that Firefox and Windows are dominating.

Making pizza dough tonight, found on this fabulous site.  I believe I've blogged about such things before, but I didn't include the recipe link!  For shame.  I've remedied that now.  So go have a great evening :)

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