Friday, September 17, 2010

Social Media Ban - Joyful!

This article about Harrisburg University inspired my digital religion professor to present such an opportunity to us in class.  Would we want to go without any digital social media for 5 days?  No facebook, twitter, myspace, instant messenger, etc...

The whole class responded with a resounding YES! LET'S DO IT!

Ok, maybe we weren't all THAT enthusiastic, but we did all say yes, we'd do it.  Voluntarily.

Which is why, until next Tuesday at 2:00pm, I am not logged in to facebook (pretty much the only social media site that I've ever been into).  This is actually a bigger challenge than it may seem.  Checking facebook has become my default.  I'm currently at work, and it feels weird to not have a facebook tab opened.

I love it.

See, there's not an official block on the sites like Harrisburg U has--I could just hop on facebook now if I wanted to, but that's the thing!  I don't want to!  I really enjoy being free from it!  It's kinda like having a boat-load of homework, but being at work, so you CAN'T do your school work.  It's just not time for that.  You've got other things to do.

(See?? Just now I was one click away from going to facebook.  Not because I want to or because I just oh so desperately desire to get on, but because it's a habit!  Rather than just close my email tab, I always navigate to facebook and then close the tab.  Why?? There's no sense in that. Ugh.)

I'm hoping that these 5 days will break me of those weird procrastination-aids.  I'm hoping I journal more, study better, and work on a dang paper that's due really soon, and maybe study for the 4 exams in my near future.

Meanwhile, I'm listening to Pandora.  Because my ipod is in ICU.  Gotta get it fixed/get a new one soon.  I'm going crazy without music.

Listening to:  Sufjan Stephens, Band of Horses, Iron and Wine, Indigo Girls, Angus and Julia Stone, etc.

Have a lovely weekend :)

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  1. Fabulous idea. Doing it with you.