Thursday, September 22, 2011


Isnt' he precious?

 This is Veera.  He's a riot.  I mean, I assume.  I can't understand a word he says, but he's cracking everybody up.
Veera is one of the children that proVISION ASIA works with.  They provide physical therapy for him.  He told the main physical therapist, Esther, on his first day that he would give her 100,000,000 rupees if she could make him walk.  His progress is significant.  Esther is getting excited.  Veera is considering occupational choices.

In a video we shot of him and Esther, he told her he wants to be a teacher.  In a country where there is little sympathy for anyone with ability challenges, physical therapy is providing an entire life for Veera, not just physical mobility.  Jared and I got to work alongside proVISION ASIA in several of their ventures this weekend, including a walk for physiotherapy (in which I proudly wore heels), a visit to a school for children with mental and physical challenges, and a trip to the government boys home, where proVISION ASIA staff members trained the government workers in how to appropriately care for the boys AND played with the boys, helping them with their mobility through activities like playing toss and "jump rope" (where they jump over the non-swinging rope).

Needless to say, after spending a week alongside this group, I am amazed and in full support of them.

Monday, September 12, 2011

All is great!!

Hi folks!

Blogging from a coffee shop in Bangalore.

That's crazy.

All is going well, we are well provided for, we're busy, meeting folks, shaking hands, kissing babies, washing hands after both.  This city is a lot of fun.  First shopping excursion today!  Got a super cute white top for 200 rupees.  That's about $5.  This shirt would easily be $25-35 in the states.  I'm excited about it.

Ok, gotta go for now.  Journaling a lot, so sequenced blog posts to come :)  Don't know what I mean?  Check out my "India" tag.

Love you.  Christ is amazing.  He's here.

Monday, September 5, 2011

How To Lose Your Passport, part 2

Still in London. This is day 3 here. Still no passport. I'm realizing now that my ONLY chance to get to India lies in my passport coming into my hands within the next 40 hours. If not, back to TX I go. With a heavy, but peaceful heart. I know that God has a genius plan. I shouldn't question Him--just trust Him. He is the perfect navigation system. No mistakes, and always with a clear goal of His Glory. Let this detour sing of how great He is, somehow!

Making the most of our time here. Going to the British Museum, seeing a show at the National Theatre tonight, and really enjoying using PHENOMENAL public transportation. There's something magical about London. The history, the brilliant architecture, the complex but smoothly-run transport systems, the efficiency, the civility. It's quite wonderful.

Such a blessing to have had to pause here, but I'm praying that this isn't a U turn, but rather a pit stop on my way to India.
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Friday, September 2, 2011

How to Lose Your Passport, part 1

I typed up a long and awesome big post, complete with a reference to Tangled, only for it to be deleted before posting. Quite bummed because it may have been one of the better ones I've ever written.

Today's adventures have included, but have not been limited to:

1. Cole losing her passport.
2. Amanda flying alone to Hyderabad to meet the group, with Cole and Jared staying behind. See #1 for the reason.
3. Being totally snubbed by the American Embassy, while being warmly welcomed by British Airlines. What?
4. Snagging a sweet, safe, not too crazy expensive little room in a German YMCA right near Paddington (2 twin beds, folks. Nothing sketchy).
5. Narrowly avoiding being kicked out of a Hilton for using their swanky concierge (sp?) to help us get info.
6. The actual purchase of boingo WiFi on my phone which turns out to be the best idea all day (oh, hai, blog post and emails).
7. We have our bags. If that ain't God, I don't know what is.
8. I'm stranded in another country, but that country speaks English and is really hip. Again with the blessings.
10. If I'm going to be stranded in another country, I'm really glad to be stuck with someone I like a lot. Who has traveled a lot. Who is used to my mode of dealing with stressful situations (this is where the Tangled reference comes in. Manic joy and thankfulness at being in London, followed by self-loathing depression about misplacing passport, worrying my parents, potentially missing the conference, etc).

But we're safe. And we have several game plans. All of which involve us making it home eventually. Some just sooner than others. :/

So PRAY. Pray that BA finds my passport. Pray that if they don't, the processes involved in getting a new one and getting an Indian visa will be easy and smooth. Pray for continued good travel for the other women at the conference. They're amazing, and they're doing amazing things for Christ this week. I hope I get to go join them!

Love ya :) I'll update as things happen.
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