Thursday, September 22, 2011


Isnt' he precious?

 This is Veera.  He's a riot.  I mean, I assume.  I can't understand a word he says, but he's cracking everybody up.
Veera is one of the children that proVISION ASIA works with.  They provide physical therapy for him.  He told the main physical therapist, Esther, on his first day that he would give her 100,000,000 rupees if she could make him walk.  His progress is significant.  Esther is getting excited.  Veera is considering occupational choices.

In a video we shot of him and Esther, he told her he wants to be a teacher.  In a country where there is little sympathy for anyone with ability challenges, physical therapy is providing an entire life for Veera, not just physical mobility.  Jared and I got to work alongside proVISION ASIA in several of their ventures this weekend, including a walk for physiotherapy (in which I proudly wore heels), a visit to a school for children with mental and physical challenges, and a trip to the government boys home, where proVISION ASIA staff members trained the government workers in how to appropriately care for the boys AND played with the boys, helping them with their mobility through activities like playing toss and "jump rope" (where they jump over the non-swinging rope).

Needless to say, after spending a week alongside this group, I am amazed and in full support of them.

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