Monday, September 5, 2011

How To Lose Your Passport, part 2

Still in London. This is day 3 here. Still no passport. I'm realizing now that my ONLY chance to get to India lies in my passport coming into my hands within the next 40 hours. If not, back to TX I go. With a heavy, but peaceful heart. I know that God has a genius plan. I shouldn't question Him--just trust Him. He is the perfect navigation system. No mistakes, and always with a clear goal of His Glory. Let this detour sing of how great He is, somehow!

Making the most of our time here. Going to the British Museum, seeing a show at the National Theatre tonight, and really enjoying using PHENOMENAL public transportation. There's something magical about London. The history, the brilliant architecture, the complex but smoothly-run transport systems, the efficiency, the civility. It's quite wonderful.

Such a blessing to have had to pause here, but I'm praying that this isn't a U turn, but rather a pit stop on my way to India.
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