Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oh hi!

I admit it.

I've been neglecting you.

It's not you.  It's me.

See, I came back from India, encountered jet lag and packing, and jumped back into work.

Then I moved.

And now I don't have Internet at my new house.

Not yet, anyway.

So I don't have the ability to just perch in the comfort of my own [really cute new] home and upload pictures and tell you guys stories, even though that's EXACTLY what I want to do.

Because I have about 6000 pictures.

Ok.  Maybe not quite that many.  But kinda close.

But about that many stories.

Game plan:  I'm going to have a housewarming party sometime soon.  Like, within the next 2 weeks.  If you're in FtW or have the ability to be, all I ask is that you come and bring a black frame (preferably one for a 4x6 photo, but I'm flexible)--you choose the style as long as it's black, and at the housewarming party you can pick the India/UK picture to put in the frame!  I want a full wall of black frames with India trip pictures, so that fun day will come soon.  Just get your thinking caps on.

Anyway, lots going on this month--I moved already, so now I'm unpacking, Jared and I are leading a small group (2 days to get the house in working order!), my daddy's coming to town!, 4 friends are getting married (2 to each other, so that's convenient), I'm babysitting a little (I'd like to do more if you know of anybody in the area who needs a babysitter with a weird schedule), there's a prayer retreat, and halloween is coming.  FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN stuff filling my calendar.

But now I need to go work.

And think about ordering a sofa.

I'm such a grownup!

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