Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pictures are here! From India! Via facebook.

Rather than waiting on ALL the good pictures to load on here (takes years, folks), I'm giving you the link to the facebook album, viewable whether you have facebook or not!

This is the Women's Conference part of the trip.

And...  This is the "oops, Cole lost her passport so we're stuck in London first" part of the trip.

The "Bangalore, running around, visiting with awesome people" part is coming soon.  Even facebook doesn't have that yet, so you're now caught up :)

I have been rather anticlimactic about this September India trip.  Too much happened around it to give it the blog space that it deserves.  Moving and adding 10 more hours of work, while nesting, visiting with family, and starting to lead a small group is--turns out--a little time consuming.  Thus I find myself blogging at midnight-30 on a work night.  All because I love you dearly and I want you to feel that you're not some creepy outsider looking in, but rather that you're invited in to enjoy life with me.  Even if that life is a little strange and filled with more than its fair share of mini-crises.

Not that there's anything mini about losing a passport.

That was a big crisis.

Definitely the biggest yet.

It got its share of blog space, though, so enough about that.

Confession.  Another reason for the fewer number of posts is that Meg Shideler has introduced me to pinterest.com.  Be still, my beating heart.  It's just what I needed and didn't need all at once.  A visual, aesthetically pleasing way to organize bookmarks, favorites, or otherwise neat things that somehow improve life just a little.

You can find my pins and boards here.

It's amazing and addictive.

Join us.  There are pumpkin cheesecake recipes...

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