Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ok. Now I Have No Excuse

Oh, sweet lonely reader.

You sit for hours at a time, constantly refreshing your browser in the hope that I've updated my blog. You count the long, unkind days between posts, worrying that I've died (no one ever comments on this blog, so how would you know if something tragic happened?? Who would think to inform her lost and lonely blog world audience??). You lament the lost moments, the topics untouched, the treasure trove of posts that never were...

And it's not like I don't have internet now.

Yep. I've had internet for almost a week, and still no update. No collage of India pictures. No collection of short stories about auto rides and accidentally eating whole curry-spiced chilies (Happened. Hurt.).

I'm a terrible blogger when you judge by faithfulness.

Please don't remove me from your Google Reader list.

I'll get better, I promise.

I love you.



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