Saturday, April 24, 2010

I don't have children and I don't sell jewelry.

It's getting to that point where I feel ridiculous addressing this blog to "you." There is no "you." I've also realized that blogspot seems to be full of "look we have children!" blogs and "look I make creative things like very simple jewelry!" blogs. Have you ever clicked the "next blog" button? I have. Many many times. It's so discouraging. There are a couple of good ones, but there are far more "I HAVE CHILDREN! I NEED AN OUTLET!" blogs than anything else.

(Side note, though, if you know those children, it is MORE THAN worth it to read them. I am guilty of cooing over my cousin's kiddo's pictures. The difference between Britanny's blog and most of the others? She writes well. I enjoy it immensely.)

List of things that this blog is NOT for:
1. showing off my children
2. displaying jewelry that I have made myself
3. angsty preteen ventilation (been there. done that.)
4. posting pictures of my 73 cats
5. cheesy flash sparkley images of cupcakes and ladybugs (it's disheartening to realize how many of those are out there)
6. Pioneer Woman style cooking step-by-steps (that woman must have 3 arms to take pictures with a nice camera WHILE USING A MIXER and still produce tasty food)
7. slamming Jesus down your throat (I loves the Jesus. I do not loves the blogs that are so saturated with scripture that it's tedious to read)
8. one post a year. Maybe two. (I hate flipping to a cool blog and seeing that there's a year's gap between some of the posts. or maybe the most recent post was submitted in 1999. Really? I was 10 that year.)

Mkay. Now that that's out there, I need to go find the other childless, not-into-crafts, mildly clever blogs that are stranded on an island in the ether.

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