Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Worst fear

Since childhood, my worst fear has been throwing up.

Spiders? Psh. I smoosh them.
Snakes? Some of them do good things. I avoid them all, but no overall hatred.
Things under my bed? Ok, so that's pretty scary, but that's for another post.

Throwing up, though... Trembling, paralyzing fear.

It doesn't happen often at all (praise God for that incredible blessing), but the very idea that it may happen has the power to ruin my day.

So the girl sitting next to me comes into class late, looking pale and frail. She looks at the professor and explains with hand motions and mouthing words that she is sick. That throw up kind of sick. But she, being the academic martyr that she is, has braved the natural elements to grace us all with her infected presence.

This is so incredibly not ok with me. Please, for the grace of God, if you are sick, do not--DO NOOOOOOOT--come to class sick.

My weak unrested body is not prepared to fight off throw up. It's 5 days til finals week, miss. You infect me, and you will pay for your ill deeds. Now go home.

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