Sunday, April 18, 2010

HTML fail

So, fun fact. The appearance of my blog depends entirely on what browser you're using. Working in Internet Explorer? You see it as I made it. Using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (I don't know about safari)? You see my lovely header image cruising way on down the page. Why?? Why is that?? I don't understand.

Yes... I fiddled with the html code.

Did I know what I was doing? Not really. But I'm a fan of trial and error, and in the Internet Explorer browser, it worked great. I sign on in the library and WHAT LITTLE ELF MOVED MY PAGE HALFWAY DOWN THE SCREEN??

So I may have to fiddle again. Dang it. I was so proud of myself for being a successful computer nerd. Still learning.

Also, no posts for the next 2 days. See previous post for the reason why. That note is far more for me than for you. Since I don't think any "you's" exist yet.

God bless you, though :)

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