Thursday, July 1, 2010

I like:

candles. Gently scented. I like the living light.

imagining that my jeans and pajama pants have a secret romance. They meet and entangle their legs in the washer.

packing minimally and efficiently. 1 carry on, 1 personal item, 6 days of epic travel. Perfect.

the smell of books. New, old, used, dusty (bless you), even academic.

index cards. Of all sizes. Lined, preferably.

countdown to travel :) I'll see you in 42ish hours!

writing letters that will remain unsent. Dear you, This is how I feel. Love, me.

my red tea kettle.

successful breakfasts (examples: cheese grits and pigs in blankets--two of my favorites).

fitting comfortably into my jeans (not something that happens after successful breakfasts like those mentioned above).

bright blue eyes days. Sometimes they feel bluer than other days. It's usually a better feeling day all around.

feeling poems flit around my head. If I wrote them down, they'd be disappointing I think. These belong in my head just like some belong on the tongue. I just wish I knew how to share it with you!

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