Friday, July 2, 2010

From Denver International Airport

I'm using free wifi.

They said it couldn't be done in this airport but they (the elusive they) were wrong.

Because here I am blogging, suckas.

Lots of people watching, lots of overpriced food that's really not that good for me.

I observed this woman, who is apparently going to Alaska, for a couple of minutes. She yammered on to her poor friend--without stopping--for a solid 5 minutes. The woman didn't take breaths to breathe. She just kept going and going and going and it was SO loud (she was at the opposite end of the gate waiting area. And I can tell you her complete travel itinerary and all the stories that she peppered in). So then her son, about 9 years old I'd guess, taps her on the arm repeatedly, as little boys are wont to do when they are not immediately noticed, and she barks at him, "Excuse me, I AM TALKING!"

I was like, yes, lady, you are. It's his turn.

God bless America.

In other news, I have been reminded of just how incredibly tasty and horrible for you McDonalds chocolate chip cookies are. Mmmm...

AND I'll be in Sacramento (and then on to San Francisco) in 3 hours. It's taking SOOOOOO LOOOOONG!

Ooo ooo ooo! And I got to sit next to a flippin precious 2 month old baby on the way here! Oh my goodness she was a delightful traveler. We played smiling games at each other and I bet I looked real goofy. Totally fine and worth it to see an infant smile. I heart babies.

Other people's babies. Don't freak out.

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