Tuesday, July 27, 2010

AND my mind goes blank again.

I have FABULOUS rants throughout the day--sometimes in the form of inner monologue, and sometimes real rant-y conversations.

But then I get to the blank blogger screen and my brain says, "What? I've never concocted anything interesting in my entire existence. Why do you keep looking at me like that?"

My brain lies to me in my times of creative vulnerability.

How frustrating that my friends' ears get all the good stuff, while the best thing on my blog is an entry about my roommate's embarrassing public bathroom experiences.

Meanwhile, my journal is wildly neglected. Where is that thing anyway...

Where did my nerdy mental get-up-and-go scurry off to without the rest of me??

PS, my most exciting purchase of the day was a jumbo sized windshield sun-screen-thing. Black leather interior, you have met your match.

But sad grocery moment was when I learned that my all-time-favorite-tea-EVERRRR is no longer carried at the ONE place that I knew of that sold it in FtW. What am I going to do??? *twitch twitch*

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