Saturday, July 17, 2010

And then everyone who ever liked my blog disappeared

Because for about 7 days Cole fell off the face of the planet.

At least that's what Anton tells me will happen if I don't post regularly.

And I trust him on blog things.

And travel things.

And most movie things.

And probably all God things (this hasn't been fully tested--simply because that's not exactly possible. I mean, "What do you think of God's haircut?" "Rubbish." "I disagree!" It could happen.)

And urban development things (though I did pick up a book on it in the library so I can at least keep up with him when he talks about it now. Well, I have to read it first, I guess).

And physical safety things.

He is real strong, after all.

Ok, folks. I miss him. Ok? There. I said it. In type.

And I ain't apologizing.

Dear California,

Please release my gentleman caller and return him safely to me.

Mississippian in Texas

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