Sunday, July 4, 2010

A joyous 7/4 to you, mate!

We date things 7/4/2010.

This makes no sense.

Think about it.

Smallest to largest would be 4/7/2010.

Largest to smallest would be 2010/7/4.

But no.

We have to create our own weird nonsensical way of dating things so that it defies reason.

Anywho, happy 4th of July folks. I'm sitting in the living room area of a kickin hostel in San Francisco (USA Hostels - San Francisco. Look it up. Check it out).

Crazy how you can spend 24/7 (notice: largest to smallest) with somebody and feel like you have had zero time to talk to each other. How does that even happen?

Tomorrow we head to Fort Bragg to check out Glass Beach, then Tuesday we head towards the National Redwood Forest. Prepared to get my mind blown.

I'm learning a few things about universality thanks to this hostel. People from OODLES of different countries are here, and I absolutely love it. No matter the language barrier or country of origin, a pool table bridges that divide. As does oatmeal. And pancakes. And superhero graphic tees. And "hot water?"

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