Monday, November 1, 2010

Suited Up And Ready For Fun

This is my Halloween costume edition blog post. Get pumped. I was delighted to see the double rainbow guy decked out at my neighbor's party.

Great people emerge at theatre parties. Flo from the Progressive commercials, for example!

And the Old Spice guy! "look at your man, now back at me..."

My buddy Jeffrey was a flippin awesome Batman. Shoutout to my little sis who loves Batman.

A little shocking, but also awesome, theatre parties always see some drag. Yes, these are both men. I'm a little jealous.

There was a group of girls dressed as teen moms on the Maury Show. They were heavily in character all night. I loved it.

Me? I was a netflix envelope.

With WALL-E inside :D

I was pretty proud of that one. Possibly the best one yet.
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