Monday, November 8, 2010

On a facebook status

This post has the potential to be incredibly long, but I won't do that.  Not tonight.

I just posted an exceedingly optimistic and sunny facebook status.  That is, however, NOT the current status of Cole's existence.  It will be--don't worry.  The pessimistic, cloudy days always pass.  But when they're here, I have a choice: either I status-ize the ickiness, or I status-ize the delightfulness that is certainly on the horizon, but definitely not here yet.

Does the word "status-ize" make anyone else think of jazzercize?

Just checking.

So tonight I chose the Gone With the Wind style of optimism:  tomorrow is another day.

Not because that's how I feel, but because that's how I want to feel.

Not because I see tomorrow as sunny, but because I want it to be sunny.

Because sometimes I operate on sheer will power.  And I'm good with that.

Meanwhile, I feel like a complicated, crumpled, collapsed accordion, and I really need a moment to sit by a body of water to have some quiet time with God.  Not that that's the only place to have quiet time--that's just where we do our best talking.

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