Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Anonymous, Thank you. Love, Cole

I just received an email saying this:

"You received an anonymous donation of $ 1,000.00 today for the mission trip."


Whoa.  I have a hard time taking that in.

BUT WHO IS THIS ANONYMOUS PERSON???  I have so much to tell him/her!  So here's my letter of lamentation and thanks for Mr/Mrs/Sir/Miss Anonymous.

Dear You,

Darn your anonymity!  I want to hug you and cry on your shoulder and thank you profusely!  I want to send you a gift from India!  I can't thank you enough for this.  You have blessed me in a profound way.  Because of your gift, I will be going to India in 2 months, without a doubt.  Yes.  That incredibly generous gift is making sure that I get there and back.  I'm so excited that you are going with me on this trip--whoever you are.  I'm praying for you, because even if I don't know who you are, God does.


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