Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Counting down to...

23 days to Thanksgiving
46 days to graduation
53 days to Christmas
72 days to India mission trip
83 days to the date after which I have absolutely no plans (ridiculously scary and brilliantly exciting)

So, if you have any ideas that you'd like to pitch me for something wonderful to do with my life starting in 3 months, I'm all ears :)  Maybe that idea that you have is just what I need to hear!

Between now and then, I'll be taking tests, writing papers, reading articles and text books, doing daily devotions (from a devotional gifted to us India folks--so good), dressing actors backstage, planning a mission trip abroad, snuggling with Anton's kitteh, preparing to graduate (ducks in a row? check.), not stressing out (hah.), blogging a lot, working here and there, loving on my dear friends, family, and charming bf, collecting books to read....

...and watching Heroes.  Have I mentioned that new little addiction?  Season one, episode 15.  I'm a tad obsessed.  I've heard I need to fiercely avoid season 3.  And maybe 2 as well.  I've started to hate the credit music because every episode leaves me with SEVENTEEN CLIFFHANGERS.

Looking back at what I've just written, I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the blessings I've been given.  What an incredible time of life...  Praise God for these beautiful blessings!


  1. You have your life more figured out than you know. Many people go through life and don't count the "little things" as blessings. However, you seem to have that talent! Keep your attitude looking up and ONLY great and wonderful things will come. We have sooooo much faith in your future. You are already a success!

  2. You are so ridiculously encouraging. Thank you! I've learned by trial and error that things tend to feel more like blessings when I stay thankful. I like that.