Friday, November 5, 2010

An Appropriate Post #100: About India

Hello dear one,

When my church announced last summer that they were sending a team to India, I thought, "Certainly I'll pray for them, but I could never actually go to India.” Missionary work had always sounded like something other Christians did. But God started poking my heart. Over the next week or so, at least ten instances happened where my mind again was directed to that mission trip. Though I had never even considered missionary work before, I became overwhelmed with a desire to go share God's love with the lost.

Through prayer and discussion with several trusted Christian leaders, I followed the Holy Spirit's guidance. As I seriously began searching for a mission trip, I contacted a missions organization. Within a few days the framework of a trip began to take shape. It was to take place in India in January 2011, just a month after I graduate (what perfect timing!).  But then, months into planning, we hit a snag and it looked like it was all going to fall apart.  Even in that moment, God was teaching me.  Just a few days after the trip plans fell through, I was informed about a medical mission trip (dental and general health professionals are going to offer their expertise and their hearts for God) that my church is taking to Hyderabad, India—also in January 2011.  I joined the children's ministry team for that trip, and we are now preparing to go serve the Lord.

A small group from Christ Chapel Bible Church will be partnering with N.A.T.I.V.E Ministries to provide medical and dental care to some of the remote villages in India.  I will be working with the children's ministry team, singing and playing with the children.  It has been an amazing experience just to be able to stand in awe of God's handiwork.  Planning this trip has already been a life-sized illustration of Ephesians 4:6, that there is one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

What an incredible gift to be able to do this!   A gift from God, from my church, from the other missionaries I'll meet and work alongside, and from those who will support me through this.  I have no idea where God will lead me after this experience, whether toward extended mission work abroad or toward being a better steward of His gifts here in the US.  I know this gift will be instrumental in whatever comes next, and wherever He leads me will be to His glory, because you and I have been created for God's glory (Isaiah 43:7).

I am writing you with the hope that you will consider being involved in this trip with me by praying for me while on this journey, or by supporting me financially. Your prayers will be vital during my two weeks in India, but also in this preparation time. The cost of the trip will be about $2600, and at the writing of this letter I have raised half of that. I'm asking you to give, not just because I need support, but because God blesses those who join with Him in what He's doing (Matthew 5:1-11). This is a gift for me to discover, but I want you to experience that gift with me. Blessings will be poured out on villagers, doctors, me, and hopefully you as well.  What an incredible opportunity for us to do something beautiful together for the Kingdom!  If, after you've prayed about it, you feel called to financially help me share the love of God with children in India, please make your check payable to Christ Chapel Bible Church. In the memo line, please write: India Mission Trip: Cole Mortimer.  Also, please include a note designating the gift to my name. Checks should be mailed to our CCBC Missions Coordinator:

Danella Hitri
3740 Birchman Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76107

I firmly believe that God has called me to go to India to share the Good News of Christ's love.  I'm nervous about it (this is my first overseas mission trip), but I'm answering the call.   If have any questions/comments/concerns/suggestions, or if you'd like to receive updates from me about this journey (periodically until the trip, more when I'm there), please email me at Praise God for this marvelous opportunity!

In Christ,

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