Sunday, November 28, 2010


That's what's going on inside me right now.

Remember how I moved about 3 months ago? Doing it again this week. Remember how I'm graduating in 3 weeks? Still happening, but I have a hard time imagining all these assignments getting done in time. I needed this break real bad--holy moly, it has been awesome seeing family--but now I have a lot to do and even less time to do it in.

And emotions (and all things that inspire them), you are gonna have to go away for 2.5 weeks. I just don't have time and energy for you right now. Too much going on outside for things on the inside to be all rattled around too.

And dear readers, any blog post that I write between now and December 14 is going to sound like this I imagine. I'm $900 away from being funded for the India trip, and any spiritual encouragement on that subject or any of the aforementioned subjects is not just appreciated, but 100% needed.

I love you. Lots.
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