Friday, November 12, 2010

Fight or Flight

So life comes with tough stuff.  It's in the manual.

You didn't read the manual?  Dude.  Come on.  Get your game face on and go read the manual.

When the poop nears the spinning blades of the fan, I employ one of two classic modes of survival that the manual suggests.  You're familiar with them, I assure you, even if you haven't read the manual.

I either put on my Rambo costume and prepare to 100% DESTROY that poop...

...or I run away screaming with flailing arms.
So this go-round of tough stuff, I'm employing a little of both.

Fighting and running.

Running and fighting.

And doing both to different things!  That overwhelming amount of school work?  Running.  Laundry?  Fighting.  But on some days, those are totally reversed.  Just depends.

Mama always said it's about picking your battles.  She read the manual.

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