Thursday, February 3, 2011


8:50am Jan. 18, 2011

On the road again! Off to village #3!  Praise God, Edgar just told us that after a scary moment with customs, we are getting our final medical bags!  Which means the Memphis team will have their bags!  We're on day 5 of the trip, and they haven't complained at all.  Bless them.  I LOVE how close to God we are on this trip.  Edgar leads in such a sweet, Christ-centered, light-filled way that you can't help but praise the Good Lord with him!


2 villages today.  I love these kids!!!  Sihnu.  Speaks some English.  Learned all our strange American names.  Green shirt, kind loving soul.

I just realized that I may forget which village is which!  Day 1, we went far from camp, between mud-huts in the village.  It was hard to be thrust so quickly into another culture--especially such an extremely different one!  Day 1 village 2 was beautiful.  A tent with a bunch of helper girls--my sisters.  This morning we were under a buggy tree.  I almost picked up a beautiful little crawling girl when she peed on our mat right at my feet.  This evening we were on a concrete slab outside a little building.

Our volunteers are rockstars. The NATIVE guys are awesome, and the local church folks are just precious.

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