Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Double Dates

I love double dates. I love getting together with my beau and enjoying time with another couple. Doesn't even have to be an official "datey mcdaterson" hangout, but those are flippin awesome too. Jared and I spent Valentines evening with Ashley and David, both of whom we've both known for years. Those two have amazing laughs. I'm one who frequently laughs at others' laughs, so suffice it to say that I had a jolly time.

The flower shop job ended nicely, though I wish it didnt have to end. I've dreamed about flower ordering and flower delivery twice now. The most recent one involved me holding a customer up at gunpoint, demanding that he take his bloomin flowers. This did not actually happen in the real flower shop, though I'm sure there were tempting moments.

God bless ya. I love ya.
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