Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mhm it's officially finals week

Mildly freakin out over here, folks. Many of you will roll your eyes at this ridiculousness. I'm aware of this. However, in the nerdy-world, this is business time.

This is the part of the week where I have a minor meltdown and my procrastination hangs it's sorry head in utter shame.


Procrastination can be fun---EXCEPT---why would you put off what's going to hang like a heavy grey cloud over your head for the next x amount of time? It puts a jolly damper on you and your fun! But did I listen to this advice? No... So here I am at finals week, staring at what I haven't done yet.

Facebook? I shun you. I block you [again]. Google reader? I'll be back, but it'll be a while. Blog? I may need you as an outlet this week. You are spared.

Ok. Nutrition tomorrow (it's a cumulative whopper), Ethnography on Tuesday (let's discuss how Cole hasn't finished the reading for that one) and Aging Social Policy on Tuesday (let's talk about how Cole hasn't even made a dent in that reading material...), and a paper for Evangelicalism on Thursday (currently that paper is a page of typed notes and about 20 pages of research that has to magically become a paper in, oh, my spare time).

Current GPA: 3.86
Possible GPA after this finals week: 3.45

That's going from magna cum laude to zilch, folks. That's "what a sweet little scholarship I have" to ZILCH, folks.

THAT'S ONLY 3 B'S, FOLKS! I also realize that it is possible for me to get A's in those classes. But that looks like it would be a holy miracle as I face it all now.

I'm gonna go study and stuff. Thank you for letting me stress at you.


Don't try to do math when you're stressed. Scratch that potential .41 drop in my GPA with 3 B's. That's a big burly [comforting] mathmatical mistake. That kind of a drop would mean that I made D's in ~3 classes. I do liberal and performing arts--not math and science.

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