Friday, July 1, 2011

Terrific Tuesday!

Ok, so the thing that I've gone to bed thinking about and talked about and giggled about and planned for is finally happening on Tuesday.


My rock-awesome little sister and I are going to get 6 days of legit, just us, gals on the town, hangout time.  Something we haven't had in years.

And now she's 15, so we can connect a little better than we could than when she was 9 and I was 16.  Amazing how you can actually feel the age gap shrinking as the years pass...  I started journaling when I was 15, so I have tangible records of the [ridiculous] things I was thinking and feeling at the time.  I didn't think much, but I felt A LOT.  She's got a much better head on her shoulders.  I'm very serious about that.

Though I may have a different report after hanging out with her for a week ;)

OK!  So here's where the fun stuff starts.  WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO??

I'm thinking Six Flags.  That's pretty much the big ticket item that I'm pulling for.  I've never been (which is craziness) and what better way to love on a sister than putting her in a machine that will hoist her up in the air and back down again faster than you can say "bonding time!"

Also, there's a modern dance show at The Modern [art museum], and we both did the dance thing in high school, so that could be fun.  Though I doubt they'll be doing jr high dance team numbers...  I'm thinking more Martha Graham.  Which could be even MORE fun.

Needless to say, I'm REALLY READY FOR TUESDAY to roll around.  Jared leaves the country tomorrow, which is a bummer, but then Jane comes, so...  I mean...  Love you... But next week is gonna be stinkin fun :) Thankfully, Jared and Jane overlap by about 36 hours! 

And then Jane and I road trip to MS together, and I will FINALLY get to meet THIS LITTLE GUY!

I'm almost as excited to meet Wiley as I am for Jane to come to TX.  This is huge, obviously.

Later days!  (and hopefully good quality pictures from our adventures! Hint hint, mom!)

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