Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good Morning, World!

I've been awake for 2 hours.

Yep.  Since 4:15am.

I've been mad-crazy productive.

I've completed my application for an Indian Visa, to be mailed (to the tune of $200 that I hope to raise through supporters) tomorrow (today, rather, but it doesn't feel like day yet, since, oh, it's dark outside).  I'm going to India--yes, again!--in just 9 weeks.  Just NINE WEEKS!  :D  I'll be traveling for 19 days, the first half at a women's conference in Hyderabad (the same place I went in January, with the same ministry!) and the second half traveling around with Jared, meeting folks that he knows and loves in Bangalore and checking out these cool-looking Kerala houseboats!  Planes, trains, and automobiles--and maybe a auto rickshaw or 2 :)

I've also browsed through an acquaintance's facebook photos, drooling over the cuteness of her baby, and getting excited about the fact that another one, probably equally as cute, is on the way.  Not that I know her well enough to tell her that.

Facebook, by the way, has officially become weird to me.  I just peeked into this baby's bathtime.  Granted, mom took pics and shared on facebook, but I mean, I am just not close enough to this family to actually be a part of that.

But that baby's super precious.

Anyway, I also caught up on the blogs that I follow.  Which is less weird to me for some reason, and I can't quite reconcile that one yet.  I mean, I'm emotionally attached to Dooce's dogs and I feel like I'm part of Ree Drummond's family.  And I've definitely never met them.  Can't even claim "positive acquaintances."  Complete strangers who willingly share their lives with me.

But, I mean, are you and me total toenail-paintin-buddies?

Maybe, considering the fact that I think I've retained all of 3 readers.  Hi, mom, dad, and Jared!


Two readers.  And only one of them a toenail-painter.

I digress.  Productivity!  In the wee hours of the morning!  Why??  Why am I even awake?  "Cole," you may be saying, "you never wake up in the middle of the night!"  And you're right, concerned reader who may or may not be my mother!  I don't!


Unless I was so tired when I got home--and for no good reason, I might add--that I simply laid myself fully clothed from the day, contacts in, face unwashed, teeth unbrushed, and bedtime story unread, ONTO my bed (not into, you see), and proceeded to grab my soft purple throw blanket (the death knell of bedtime preparation...) and KONK OUT.

So when I woke from my 4 hour nap, because essentially, that's what that was, I felt quite refreshed and ready to continue with my day!  Wait...  Where did my day go?  Which day am I continuing?  Is it breakfast time yet?  [always.]

So I took contacts out, washed face, brushed teeth (I know for a fact that a few of you only just unclenched your nervous stomachs at that, and I don't blame you a bit), and just did not feel like going back to sleep.  I took one glance at my computer and thought, "Yeah... I could do one productive thing and countless other non-productive things on that contraption..."  And I proceeded to do so.

One of those being a blog post.

Good morning :)  I love ya!

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