Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Very Image of Productivity

Hey folks :)

Well, last night I felt UN-PLEASANT.  As in, are you aware of Cole's biggest fear/least favorite thing in the whole wide world?


Mkay.  Don't laugh.

My biggest fear and least favorite thing in the whole wide world is throwing up.

And I felt very ill last night.  I shall spare you details, because I'm a kind blogger.

So I'm working from home today, because I'm still weak and shaky and fearful.  Gotta take it easy, ya know.  So easy I shall take it...

... Ok, I've got to get brain away from thoughts of internal unpleasantness.

I know!  I have 1945735 things to do for work!  I'll knock those out!

So, I'm all "look at me being productive through my fear!  Music on!  Emails sending!  Organizing work schtuff!"  And all of the sudden....

Emails not sending?  Why emails not sending?  Music still playing.  Internet still working.

Just emails not sending.

Emails can't not send.  I have too many of them.  I have no carrier pigeons in my possession.  I don't know anyone who knows how to read smoke signals.  I can't text these folks like we're BFFEOW (best friends forever'n'ever or whatever).

So my productivity came to an unprecedented HALT.

I took that opportunity to say hello :)

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