Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Roomie Night

So I live with 3 amazing gals.  And we all like each other.  Blessings never cease.

Since we all adore each other, and since we're girls, and since we have a free evening before 2 of them head back to class and before I head to India, we're having a roomie night.  It guarantees love, laughter, and deliciousness.

On the agenda for the evening: 
-  spinach, bacon, cheese [and mushroom] quiche
-  blueberries, bananas, and watermelon
-  strawberries dipped in chocolate
-  a game or 2 of Last Word (look it up--it's a riot!!)
-  excessive girl talk and giggling

I am so stinkin blessed.

Also, I leave for India in a week.  This thought makes my heart soar.  I get a lot of shots for that trip on Friday.  This does not so much make my heart soar.  Pray for me Friday morning.  I think I'll tolerate it far better than I did when I was little...
Why hello, Mr. Doctor!  Is that a big scary shot in your hands?  Goodness me! No thank you...  Why are you still coming near me?

Survival mode:
And that's when I turned into a fierce jungle animal that required lots of doctors and nurses just to hold me down.  Twas ridiculous.

I won't do that on Friday.  I'm a big girl now.

I think.

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