Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things I need:

- A clean bathroom (I'm getting there, I'm getting there)

- A claw foot tub (preferably clean. See above)

- A personal assistant (a super passive [NOT aggressive] efficient female, preferably, if you're applying)

- An evening date with my boyfriend that doesn't involve us both in complete and utter exhaustion (how is THIS summer?)

- Some new clothing items that magically fit and appear in my closet without the awful shopping process

- Lunch with my dear friend (nay, sister) Meg

- Several days with my for real sister, Jane :)

- Godly focus (these are not in order of importance. Cuz this one is #1)

- Sunday afternoon (Trinity Shakespeare Festival opens tonight and runs through the weekend. 3 receptions to be in charge of over the course of 36 hours. Eye twitch.)

- To turn 21, NOT so that I can drink, but so that I can go to the Scat Jazz Lounge downtown. Because I am on an epic jazz kick and I want to hear live jazz in a jazzy atmosphere real bad.

- A breath mint (Just ate Chipotle. With onions and peppers. Almost finished the entire burrito. Amen.)

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