Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's Next?

So I start round 2 of summer classes tomorrow.

I have a meeting in 7 hours.

My gentleman caller's birthday is in T minus 3 days. He doesn't want any things, but he wants something. (Let us pray)

Trinity Shakes starts in a week.

I'm knitting a lace-y scarf.

I'm moving in 2 months and I don't exactly have any furniture.

In 6 months I'll be dominating my last round of finals.

I may go to India in January or February 2011.

I don't have any decent breakfast food in my apartment.

I'm so incredibly and genuinely happy with life right now :)


  1. I expect a good non-thing something :-)

    India, yes!

  2. Get excited about your birthday. It will [hopefully!!] be a fun weekend.

    Just realized that the "he doesn't want any things but he wants something" comment may come across as inappropriate, which is not at ALL as it was intended.

    Also, be thinking about what kind of birthday cake/pie/dessert/treat that you would like!!

    No India updates yet, but they will be wildly published when they come :D