Monday, June 14, 2010

Test tomorrow

I have 2 days off of this Trinity Shakes thing. Please don't misunderstand, I'm so glad to be working on this festival this summer. I'm just wiped. In the last 5 nights, I dreamed of Trinity merchandise sales for 3 of them. There has not been a 24 hour period where I did not have some sort of Trinity obligation/problem to solve/preparation to do.

Tomorrow (Monday, so technically today) and Tuesday are those two days for me.

That's it.

The holy grail.

The glorious days where I can do whatever I like.

Where I can be--me. Not the company manager.

The one day when I can connect with people with a completely non-business mindset.

I get to be goofy and childish if I want.

I can cook and do laundry like a normal person.

Oh wait. I still have summer school.
I have a test tomorrow.

And my dear sweet significant other is going to be working during the very small number of hours that I'll be available to see him as a normal person. And all my friends are either out of town or spending massive quantities of time with their significant others, making them unavailable for loving-on as well. And cleaning doesn't actually sound like fun at all.

Screw you "days off". You exist by title only.

There. Pity party published.

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