Thursday, June 3, 2010

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

First off, I'd love a comment or two if you're hopping by my site--just a hello, so that I know if you're there! I don't bite! Ok that's a lie.

This is the first time I've had a truly bittersweet (more sweet than bitter) move-away-from-a-roommate experience, and I've kinda had 2 in one week! One kinda doesn't count as a technical roommate. A dear friend couch surfed with me for about a month while my roommate was away, and it was so incredibly pleasant. I'd do that again in a heartbeat--only the couch wasn't mine, and it's moving tomorrow.

Now my roommate is moving away with her fiance to begin their life together. We are genuinely sad to not be roommies anymore! Granted, we're both stoked about the life ahead, don't get me wrong! But I will always look back fondly at our time together. Both of us have had our fair share of roommate issues before we moved in together, and while it hasn't been the most utopian ideal, this situation has been pretty incredible. She has been my mom, my sister, my best friend, my chef, my masseuse, and far more. We both hit low spots over the course of the year, and we took it out on each other in our own ways, but we made it through with smiles beaming from the joyous love in our hearts for each other. I am thrilled and honored to be in her wedding in the fall, and (first time I think I've ever really written something like this) I feel pretty darn confident that she will be in mine someday. This lovely young woman holds a big important place in my heart. I'll miss having her so nearby.

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  1. Hi there, just want to let you know that I'm reading :)

    Also, Sarah is indeed a good roomie. Get excited to have your own little bungalow starting in August. Will a cat replace Sarah? Only time will tell...