Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On Endings And Beginnings

I have graduated. The beginning of a new school-less era of my life. Exciting and terrifying.


Actually, even less so now.

Also, if God takes care of me through both huge and tiny dilemmas, I have no doubt that he can mend a heart. He has me moving forward on a path for Him. He's the driver and the navigator. I'm blessed to be along for the ride, even if I'm not sure a- where we are going (oh I thought we were exiting here...) b- why we are going the way that He is taking us (wouldn't it be better to... Nevermind) or c- what the plan will be when we get there (so what exactly do I need to bring with me...).

Basically, I'm kidnapped in the car with God, except I'm there voluntarily and I belong to Him in the first place. So its not kidnapping at all, really.
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