Friday, December 24, 2010

Crimuh-bush Eve and Love

My whole life, I've heard the Christmas tree be adoringly referred to as a "Crimuh bush" thanks, I'm sure, to my mom's hilarious gaggle of gal pals.  They have their own language.  I've been excited about becoming an adult ever since I was a little girl because these ladies look like they have SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER.  I love it.

But anywho.  Our Crimuh bush is up, the nativity scene is out, The Night Before Christmas is ready to be read, as always, and I'm still in my pjs at 3pm.  It is 100% Christmas Eve.

I've seen some of the funniest posts about Christmas on facebook this year.  A "Maury Christmas" picture saying, "Joseph... You are NOT the father."  A post from a new mom giving props to Mary for not only doing her labor and delivery thing in a barn, but also for riding a donkey for an extended period of time just prior to giving birth.  Super trooper.

Also, I know I'm growing up, because I saw THREE wedding albums pop up in my news feed, all of which used red and white as the general color pallet for their weddings (and all incredibly beautiful and tastefully done).

I've often wondered if I even have it in me to dislike weddings/love/romance.  If ever there was a time for me to be down on it, it's when I'm sitting at home in my pjs 3 days after a serious relationship ends while looking through distant friends' wedding albums on facebook.  And the answer is no--I do not have it in me to in any way resent weddings/love/romance etc.  If anything--and this sounds so strange and illogical--I'm more hopeful and optimistic about all those lovey-dovey things than I ever have been.  Don't get me wrong--I ain't on the lookout.  I'm really not thinking about me at all here.  I love seeing other people in love.  I love hearing love stories.  I love love!  And in all shapes and forms!  One of the most heart-warming moments I've experienced in a long time was seeing my cousin just look at his 18-month-old son.  I wish I could bottle that love and give it as a Christmas present.

Maybe it's the season, maybe it's a fantastic collection of all of the things mentioned above, but I am so thankful to be right where I am in life--surrounded by the undeniable presence of Jesus Christ, family, friends, Christmas cheer, a little hustle and bustle, and most of all: pure, ain't-no-jewelry-commercial, my-heart-to-yours LOVE.

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