Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Once upon a time...

The gentleman caller and I hung out all the time and cooked a lot and had lots of goofy fun.

Now he's far far away and I have to cook by myself, but still for two because I forgot how to cook just enough for one person.

But never fear, he's coming back soon. Then leaving again for more work. I don't wanna talk about that part. I'm living in denial until that actually happens. Then I'll be in crisis mode again and I'll watch this video for encouragement.

Ok but seriously, his work is a beautiful blessing. I just don't like the part where he goes away from lil ole me to do it. It's hard to be thankful for something that feels sad.

So tonight I'm trying a recipe from the not-so-distant past, and hopefully this time it'll go a little better than last time! See, last time the gentleman caller and I made this tasty lemon basil chicken pasta deliciousness, we halved the recipe--except I didn't half the lemon juice (totally my bad). It was delicious but crazy tart. Trying it again, solo cook style, for me and my roommate.

Turns out I have all the ingredients except half-and-half (and maybe an extra lemon or 2). Love it when that happens. Lemon and basil have been my flavors of choice this summer. And eggs have been my staple ingredient. All good things.

And who's adding wilted kale to her grilled chicken with lemon basil pasta?
COLE's adding wilted kale to her grilled chicken with lemon basil pasta. Amen.

Birthday in T minus 9 days. :D


  1. This video turns out to be helpful to me as well. I sit at a lot of lunch counters all by myself. Except that I don't resist the urge to use my phone. But then again, my phone is my lifeline to you.

  2. We've had some long-distance modern lunch dates I think. But I do find myself wildly uncomfortable in alone-style situations. That video kinda gave me permission to not feel that anymore. Love it.