Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Superpower

The handsome gentleman caller noticed this about me before I did. I mean, I guess I knew it, but I didn't realize it was necessarily unique to me. Apparently so, and now that it's been pointed out, I can see what he means.

When I make up my mind to do something and say it aloud, it happens. And 9 times out of 10 it happens or significantly starts to happen within 24 hours. I'm very careful with big-ish decisions, and often I think things out 100% before they reach my lips, so when I vocalize it, it's almost like I'm giving myself permission to begin. I guess the human norm is to say "I'm playing with this idea" rather than "This is about to happen."

It kinda feels like a super power.

For instance, I say, "I think I'm supposed to go to India and share the gospel." A week later a full fledged itinerary is outlined (that process usually takes several months). [Please note that I'll be talking lots more about this soon]. I say, "I think I need a new living situation" and that day I arrange to meet with someone to take over my lease at the jungle house (another story for another day). I say, "I think I'm going to change my major and minor." I look online and, oh look! The 2 classes that I need for the new major and minor are open and waiting for me. I say, "I want a kitty" and HELLO cute little black kitten sitting on my front porch! Things just seem to move so quickly!

Take today's bike adventure for example. I've had this precious blue Schwinn Trailway bike for about a year. It often hurts my knees when I ride it (I have janky knees, and I cannot for the life of me get the seat situated where it DOESN'T hurt). But I love having a bike! I live a couple of blocks from campus, so driving to campus makes no sense (I'd end up walking the same distance from the parking spot as I would if I had just parked at my house). But honestly, I dread riding to campus because the uphill bits make my knees go nuts.

I know, I know. Riding a bike shouldn't be painful on my knees, it's probably just that my seat is too low, oh I should raise it, you say?

Well how about this, smarty panties: I've already raised the seat so high that I have to FALL OFF my bike to get off of it. Let me tell you just how graceful THAT looks. It's crazy embarrassing. In case you were wondering. So no, I will NOT raise my bike seat another centimeter.

But I was gonna totally deal with it, knowing nothing about bikes, and assuming that all bikes would do this.

Until today.

I opened my mouth and said that I was thinking about trading my trailway in for something else. Something more upright. Something maybe a little older-styled. Something that would accommodate bike baskets (because the current one does not without kinda messing with the brake cables).

And so it is done. Within 4 hours of those words tumbling out of my mouth, I now have money down on a late '70s model green Schwinn Breeze with baskets on the front and back. And I've sold the blue trailway.

I researched the value of my bike and put it on the market, then I called around town asking if anyone had any used/refurbished models.

"Well," he says at Panther City Bikes. "I've got this older women's Schwinn breeze. But it's a cruiser with baskets and stuff."

"So... Something kinda like this:

? But with baskets?

Oh, that's funny because THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR!!!" :D

But I mean, let's negotiate the price. There's no way it's going for what I'm looking for.


Well ain't that convenient :D

And less than 30 minutes after posting a facebook status that I'm selling my bike, I get a text from my dear old roommate who wants to buy the bike.

I'll get her check the same day that a new cable gets put on my new bike, so I'll be able to go pick it up. And her hubby-to-be is coming to town next week to carry her new bike to her.

Oh, and next week is my birthday :)

Happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me...

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