Monday, August 23, 2010

Obligatory Back To School Post

Yes, I'm brilliantly excited. But I also know that everybody and their mama is writing about the first day back to school.

Or maybe I should follow fewer mom blogs.

But dooce is so FABULOUS!

So anyway.

I want to go to Spain. And Switzerland. And India. Not in that order.

There are about 100 other places just off the top of my head. I want to go with my beau. And I want to go right after graduation. Ok, maybe right after the India mission trip :)

I think about this because college is kinda like a zoo right now, but with more gladiator sandals and gym shorts than your standard zoo.

Deep southern sense of humor: life's good. It's just hard. Ya gotta make it funny sometimes.

Fun fact: today is happy syllabus day. Also known as "tears of freshmen day". There's a lot of anxiety going on on campus right now. Not me though :) Though I do really need a back rub. Knots like CRAZY.

Ready for my beau to get back and ready for my new bike to move in at my place :)

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