Saturday, April 23, 2011


So it's been a significant chunk o'time since I've written.  That's a blogging no-no.  That's how you lose all your friends and get sent to the corner to put your nose in the circle on the wall.  Or the Internet equivalent.

I'm not sure why, but I've all but disappeared from my computer altogether for the past month (not so much the phone, though. Fb has seen plenty of me. Don't be jealous).  Ok, I have a few possible reasons why... 

I've been working (BIG GIRL JOB! BIG GIRL JOB!), which I'm loving like I thought I'd never love work.  It's been interesting trying to figure out how time should be spent since school isn't demanding 30+ hours of my conscious (sometimes forced to be conscious) week.  Granted, this job requires a good chunk of my time, but it sure does feel different when it's fun and you're getting paid to do it.  My free time really does feel FREE!

On that note, I have started watching the show Brothers and Sisters on Netflix instant watch.  I haven't ever been much of a tv show person, but I'll be doggone if I haven't gone and gotten myself legitimately hooked on this one.  It takes me back to my Sims years in jr high when I had to set a timer above the computer or else I'd never leave the computer...  But I hate feeling like I've wasted my precious free time in front of a screen. 

Which leads me to exciting point number 3!  I'm trying desperately to get back into reading.  I love reading.  At least, I used to.  I would spend hours and hours lost in a good book, and it was AMAZING.  Then school swooped in and took away all that time.  And I made friends (*pushes glasses up nose*).  My flippin amazing roommates (2 of them participating, but #3 is amazing too) and I are doing a spring and summer reading program, complete with stickers and incentives.  We made posters, so every time we read a book, we add a sticker to the poster.  I made a big pretty tree, and every time I read a book, I put a bird in the tree.  I did that basically because I wanted it to not look too terribly silly if there were only 3 birds in the tree by the end of the summer (WHICH IS NOT GOING TO BE THE CASE. I'm determined).

Also, I'm dating a super amazing fella.  And he's fun to hang out with.  So I do.

Jared, earmuffs.

Other readers, this is the sweetest man I think I've ever met.  If you're a dear friend who lives far away and cares about my heart, fear not--it's in the best hands you could ever hope for.  Seriously.  Don't get me started cuz I'll gush on and on about it for way too long :)

Ok, Jared, earmuffs off.

All that to say, I've kept myself quite busy, in productive or not so productive ways, which meant that I didn't holla at my blog for a significant chunk of time.  I sorry.  But I'm thrilled to report that life after graduation is amazing, work is way better than writing papers, Brothers and Sisters is a pretty darn good show about a big dysfunctional family, I'm slowly but surely re-learning to read for me, and God has 100% blessed me beyond belief in ALL aspects of my life.  Even/especially the little tough spots :)

*teaser* Stay tuned for a post about a return to India!

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