Sunday, April 3, 2011

The "Dream Home" File

I'm letting you in.  This means we're REALLY good friends.  I mean, you already know too much, but I'm now going to show you the deep recesses of...

... the "Dream Home" file on my computer.

Get excited. 

The reason I started using Google Reader was to be constantly bombarded with words and images that inspire me and make me drool on my keyboard a little.  Recipes, sociological thoughts, blogs of family/friends/strangers, and pictures.  Beautiful beautiful images.  Some of which are save-worthy.  Behold.

Books and cubbies tickle my fancy.  So do secret passageways.  And bookshelf doors...

I also dream of having a bed and breakfast with a morning and an afternoon tea time.  With a random assortment of teacups, and maybe even teapots.

Some aren't really functional, but are beautiful nonetheless.

Some are both lovely AND functional.  These are far more realistic.

Books.  And books.  And those ladders at bookstores.  But in my home.

 I love wide open, naturally lit spaces.  And wood.  And bicycles.  And maybe even bare old fashioned lightbulbs.

Just some thoughts.  I also love the idea of a big fireplace.  And a writing nook.

Admit it.  It's fun to imagine :)


  1. I need to make that reading nook in picture one happen in my house! It could be our special reading nook for kiddos at night time and even a good cup of coffee, blanket and good read for me too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love all these pictures too! I laugh because my sisters house is full of teapots and bookshelves. It would be my ideal home if her cat didn't snore and we had a yard man. :)

  3. Britanny, that nook looks so snuggly and wonderful! I'm sure you and your creative brain could whip something like that up in a jiffy :)

    Liz, the cat snores audibly? That is hilarious. I might love that more than teapots. I say that only because I can sleep through anything, and I find snoring very humorous.