Monday, March 28, 2011

You Fascinate Me

So... It's weird to look at who's looked at my blog.  Not that I know who you are.  I mean, I could guess sometimes, but it's kinda fun when I don't know.

For instance, it'll tell me whether you're using Internet Explorer or Safari or Mozilla etc.  That gives me very little to go off of.  It'll sometimes tell me a city and state.  If it says Lenoir, North Carolina, and you're the only person I know from Lenoir, NC, I've got a pretty good guess as to who it is.  But if it says Fort Worth, I'm at a loss.  Too many of you loons.  It tells me what you clicked on to get to my blog (most all of you are from facebook, btw).  It'll sometimes show that one person read a whole lot of posts or stayed for a long time.  This is ridiculously encouraging.  Unless you fell asleep with my blog up on your computer.  In which case, I'm clearly far too boring.  Sometimes it shows that an unidentified computer in Russia blew through in a hurry.  I like to pretend that I have a super fast-reading Russian admirer, but I have a feeling they're just looking for top secret government info.  Sigh.

So here's to you, unknown readers in Pass Christian, Tuscaloosa, Pine Lake, and Pennsylvania!  Cheers, Woodbridge, Ontario and Palo Alto, California!  Lots of gratitude to all you anonymous folk.  Know that it tickles my fancy to see that you swing by, and I hope you stay a while :) If you're feeling real fancy, drop a comment and identify yourself so I can greet you by name!

And to my Russian admirer, F8@t2vriski.  The seamonkey has my money. ;)


  1. "And to my Russian admirer, F8@t2vriski. The seamonkey has my money. ;) " Love it.

  2. :) that was the most fun part of that post to write, just so you know.