Tuesday, October 12, 2010

India is ON!

I am overwhelmed by God.  Can't help but tell you all about it.

So, I've been planning a short term mission trip to India with Pioneers (awesome organization that mobilizes missionaries), and it looked like we'd been hit with a hiccup in the near-perfect mission trip plan. Well, I panicked and had a mini-meltdown.  I temporarily forgot that God is in charge.

Then OUT OF NOWHERE a facebook friend mentioned, "Oh, hey, yeah, mission trip to India? Cool, my friend's doing that in January too. Through your church.  Funny, huh?"

Ho'd on.  What? 

Why does this sound vaguely familiar?  I search back through my emails.  Oh!  It sounds familiar because I got an email about that church mission trip about a week after Pioneers had secured plans for my trip.  Since I already had a trip planned and it looked like it was smooth sailing, I ignored the email.

And ya know what, I was a little irritated that no one from the missions team at my church had mentioned it to me when I'd asked about a mission trip.  To India.  In January. 

But God had all of this under control (He's so stinkin GOOD at that!).  He knew that a hiccup would happen in the trip I'd been counting on, but I needed all of the prep for that trip to have my heart conditioned to embrace the church-organized trip!  Had I not learned and grown through the process of developing a trip with Pioneers, I might have taken the church trip without considering how incredibly providential that church trip really is!

God does things every now and again to remind me how much and how DESPERATELY I need Him.  And to remind me that He's better at planning than I am, even on my best days.

Oh and that church-organized India trip?  The cut-off day for registration is October 14th.  Yes, 4 days after that facebook reminder.  Found that out when I contacted the woman in charge to see if any spots were available.  And yes.  There was a spot left.  Oh hai, silver platter with God's plan for my life on top!

Oh and the cost for that church-organized India trip?  Same as (maybe even less than) the original trip I was planning.  Tax deductible donations?  Yessiree!

So, my dear dear readers--if you would like to be a part of sending me to India to care for children in the name of Jesus, I would love your prayers (first and foremost, pleasepleaseplease) and monetary donations are welcome, too.  Email me at colemortimer@gmail.com to get more info on how you can be praying for me and/or how to make a gift towards this trip tax deductible.

Take-away point from this post:  God is good, all the time.  All the time, God is good.


  1. What will you be doing on this mission trip?

  2. FABULOUS question (why didn't I talk about that??)!

    The trip is a medical missions trip with a childcare component. Basically, every day we're going to a new village, and 3 of us get to love on a hoard of Indian youngsters while moms and dads get dental care and general health care from our medical team.

    There will be many pictures taken.

  3. Isn't it?? I am so excited. And the best part is that it just fell in my lap!